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The  Disadvantage of Dot-matrix Canon Printer

The dot matrix canon printer are cheap and its prints are also cheap of cost. These printers are easily available in the market. These printers make carbon copies of print out.


The print of dot matrix canon printers is too slow than the laser printer or inkjet printers. These printers are good for the business especially. The mechanism of the printer like a typewriter. These printers work similar to a typewriter. The dot matrix printers use especially in offices, ATM, and banks. This printer printers an image n the paper or any type of paper that is useful for you. The dot-matrix printers reviews are low then the comparison with the other printers.  


The dot matrix Canon Printer is one of the best examples of computer and it is the very old type of printer. It prints the paper by the direct impact of ink soaked cloth ribbon. It works like a mechanism of the typewriter. The printer head will move in up and down motion. Then runs back and forth on the paper. These printers are called the impact printers.


The printing involves the use of mechanical pressure where the pins against the ink ribbon.  This ink ribbon is the strike on the paper. The prints of Dot matrix canon printer can produce in the varied fonts and graphics in the form of dots. These dots will be constructed by tiny metal pins or wires driven or up and down by the power of a tiny electromagnetor solenoid. The head of printer moves continues and prints only one vertical text line at one time. Now I am telling about the disadvantages of dot matrix canon printers.  


The Disadvantages of dot matrix canon printer- There are various disadvantages of dot-matrix canon printer which follows: 

1.    The pins get bend easily destroying the print head. This printer creates a great deal of noise while the pins strike the ribbon to the paper.  

2.    The output is not high resolution. The color printout is limited. The print speed is also lesser as compared to no – impact printers. The quality of print out is general is not good. The affects the scanner read ability of the printout. The single paper’s sheet has to wound and aligned by hand which is hectic and time-consuming. That makes it prone to jamming. The paper jamming can happen with any printer and the fixing task is not easy.  

3.    The density of barcodes of these printers are low and may fail to match users standards. 


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